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24hour Opening Pharmacy in Genoa: a brief history

Between all pharmacies which in Genova are open 24 hours a day, all days including holidays, the Pescetto Pharmacy stands as "the forefather" of this philosophy. As a matter of fact, to have a pharmacy that never closes and that is open at night it was the dream of the founder, Dr. Luigi Pescetto.

After a period in the eastern part of the city, he opened in piazza Principe, in the center of Genova, on 1894.
With an enlightened and always innovative management, the Pescetto Pharmacy is now run by the fourth generation and it reflects the professional mission and lifestyle of an entire family.

The Pharmacy open as a public service

In the early years of operation, Luigi had and realized a dream: "I decided  to  establish the night service, all at my expenses [...]". Who then followed him and kept his promise was his son Franco, who in the '30s /' 40s was telling to the family: "We must give a service to the population, the rest does not matter."

To work with professionalism and kindness has also always been part of the mission. As well as to take care of newborns and of less fortunate people, through the "formulation and distribution of special diets for early childhood"; and through the distribution of the "Package of Gesù Bambino" - a Christmas present to be donated to 4500 among sick, elderly or young people, in the very first post-war period.

In the center of Genoa: a pharmacy still open 24 hours a day

The pharmacy’s location is historical and it did not change: it is at the top of via Balbi, an ancient and prestigious street in the center of Genoa, which has always been a great transition point, very close to the Piazza Principe Railway Station and to the faculties of Humanities, Law, Political Science, Languages and Economics.
In our pharmacy, Hollywood stars who spent time at the Colombia Hotel once passed by, such as Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Frank Sinatra, Jean-Paul Belmondo, David Bowie.

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